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The Impact of Int'l Trade Show on China MICE Industry

Why should we attend the International Trade Fairs for MICE industry? How could we get the best ROI from the fairs? Raymond Qian from C&R Solution (DMC / M&E) gave his insights at the 5th Cloud Talk generated by Site China on this Tuesday. It is a virtual webinar, hosted by Kate Tang, Senior sales manager at Reed Exhibitions ISG China. The other 2 Guest Speakers are Xiaolan Bao, Vice President from China Star (PCO/DMC), and Lenny Jia, Founder of China BT Mice (Media Agency).

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China, one of the main destinations in MICE industry, is not very active in the international market, especially on the International Trade Fairs, such as IBTM World, IMEX Frankfurt and IMEX Las Vegas, which are regarded as the top 3 trade fairs in MICE industry throughout the world, mentioned by Kate. And as an organizer of MICE Trade Fair, she also said, The International Fair is an all-inclusive platform that integrates the world's major destinations, promotes a destination through a wide range of resources and channels, attracts international conferences or meetings to the destination, and brings substantial buyers and business relationships to the enterprise. 3 guest speakers shared their insights on what they see, what they understand, and what they recommend improving in the almost 2 hours sharing session.

Bao from China Star noted that the fact 2 main reasons for many companies think the ROI is not good to attend International Trade Fair is not insisting, and not making a good pre-scheduled appointment... She also mentioned the importance of the interactivities on the Stand.

Lenny Jia from China BT Mice also mentioned how important of national stand on the MICE Trade Fairs. Besides the stand design, he also shared his insights and experience about how the role they played as a media agency in the MICE industry.

Raymond Qian from C&R Solution gave an analysis of the International Trade Fairs in the MICE industry, and how C&R Solution did in the past 4 years, followed by some photos. He fully agreed Xiaolan’s sharing about how important to prepare the pre-scheduled appointments, and besides this, he also shared how to make noisier in the market and let buyers know better about C&R Solution, a DMC based in China via social media. Raymond also shared the importance of a thoughtful gift and a unique booth design on the trade show. In his sharing, he emphasized again that compare with the single attending exhibitor, followers of the national stand could cause much noisier among the audience and can promote not only the destination but also the company as well.

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All speakers mentioned that the International MICE Trade Fairs are the best platform to promote China, one of the main MICE destinations in the world. Chinese Government should invest more and pay higher attention to combine all resource to attend these fairs together. As a player in China’s MICE industry, we also need to transform our mindset and promote our beautiful destination in a more effective and proper way.

By the end of the session, everybody looked forward to a grand China Stand can standup in the International MICE Trade Show. It is a dream for all MICE industry practitioner in China.

C&R Solution is working closely with Reed Exhibitions to deliver a China Stand, and we do hope we can make it happen in the near future.

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Click HERE to see the recording video (Platform: Youku, server located in China) - The session is in Chinese only.