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Property: Virtual / Hybrid / Live Streaming Industry: Cleaning and Disinfection Industry
Attendees: 80 pax in 4 destinations Destination: Shanghai / Hongkong / Macau / Taiwan
  1. Four cities online discussion, online guests to share the case.

  2. One of the online guests has won an award and needs to present the award online.

  3. Different screen solutions need to be developed for live and online audiences.

  4. For on-site participants, we need to design a Team Building related to the product, and every participant is required to participate.

  1. Combined with online platform and offline live broadcast system switch, connect four cities.

  2. The awarding process is specially designed and arranged, and the online broadcast is used to surprise the online winners, and let the winner take pictures with the audience on the spot.

  3. The offline conference room uses the video switching system, while the online conference uses the broadcast guide system, and the two share and connect part of the content.

  4. Gourmet cooking competition, team work together to create a delicious meal, and use different products to clean kitchen appliances and utensils.