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Property: Virtual / Hybrid / Live Streaming Industry: Pharmaceuticals Industry
Attendees: Offline-200 pax | Online-650 pax Destination: Live event in Macau, Remote Control in Shanghai
  1. The offline meeting is in Macau, and the live broadcast console is controlled remotely in Shanghai.

  2. The remote-control team in Shanghai needs to conduct equipment docking audio and video with the equipment team in Macao.

  3. The offline and online speakers are located in multiple cities and interact together at the same time.

  4. The on-screen content needs to be designed and presented in a way that is attractive, lest the online audience find it boring and boring.

  1. Design reasonable and feasible signal link system, repeat simulation and drill, add standby equipment, detail the division of labor of each member, each performing his own duties, one person is responsible for the overall coordination.

  2. We not only made the remote-control equipment connection scheme for the conference, but also planned the video and audio link scheme for the offline venues in Macao, and carried out docking exercises repeatedly.

  3. Using the TV broadcast guide system, online and offline guests are arranged on the same screen, so that they can communicate freely and at the same time, their video pictures and audio sounds are transmitted to offline and online audiences.

  4. Set different content schemes for each link to present on the screen, which can not only enable guests from places to communicate without obstacles, but also make the audience do not have visual fatigue.