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Shanghai - The City of MAGIC


The developments of Shanghai are surprisingly rapid, and it looks like magic happens in shanghai all the time.  A small fishing village in the remote past, a harbour crowded with sampans and sailboats several hundred years ago, and a cosmopolitan city rising in modern times, Shanghai is now one of the most dynamic cities in China.  Situated at the estuary of the Yangtze River and in the middle of China’s south-eastern coastline, shanghai has taken advantage of its favourable geographical location, which made it easy to reach for everybody inside or outside of China.


In Shanghai’s development history, after the First Opium War, foreign concessions were established, all independent of Chinese law, and eventually occupied much of what is now central Shanghai. The colonial presence brought with it its particular culture, architecture, and society, which not only gives Shanghai the open mind to accept the Western culture, the foundation of the revolution and development.

Due to colonial history, multiple cultures around the world are blended perfectly in this city.  The Shanghai-style culture is tolerant of other cultures and receptive to new cultural factors and characteristic." Openness and Diversity " is the essence of Shanghai-style culture.


In the last two decades, economic reforms have been taken place in Shanghai.  Because of the incomparable geographical advantages, Shanghai has rapidly grown into the world’s largest city proper in the past century, as well as becoming the largest centre of commerce and finance in Mainland China. Thus, many international companies open their HQ office of China in Shanghai, which make Shanghai become one of the main destinations for meetings and events in the world.


Shanghai is a city full of magic. The development and changes it has are extremely stunning.  Shanghai is not only attractive in history and culture but also its life and cuisine. There are many amazing facilities and interesting activities waiting for your events. We believe Shanghai will not only give people benefits on business, but also an unforgettable magical experience.


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